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AIDS Walk 2012

The AIDS Charity Walk 2012 was held on 1st April at the Peak Road Garden. Approximately 20 celebrities arrived early in the morning to show their enormous support to the event. Guests included the “AIDS Care Ambassador” Alex Fong, Andrew Chin, Angela Tong, Rose Chen, Sharon Kwok, Hoyan Mok, Phoebe Hui, Dennis To, Angela Au, Maggie Lee (Anime Maggie), TikChi, Miss Hong Kong Rebecca Zhu, Hyman Chu, Whitney Hui, Nicole Leung and etc.

The kick-off ceremony officiated by “AIDS Care Ambassador” Alex Fong together with the other participating celebrities and officials of The Society for AIDS Care who took part in the red ribbon three-legged walk. They led the way for over 300 participants who wore colorful face masks made by SAC members and volunteers to demonstrate their support towards People living with HIV/AIDS(PLWHA). The masks symbolize PLWHA cannot disclose their true HIV status and the need to hide their sorrows behind a mask as discrimination is still a big issue in Hong Kong. This year’s theme of the Charity Walk is “Getting to Zero”; a goal to strive for zero HIV infection, zero discrimination and zero deaths of AIDS patients. The walkathon itself conveys a prominent message of treating people living with HIV/AIDS as a normal living person needing to cope with a lifelong illness. Participants of the charity walk showed their support with blessings, hoping the people living with HIV/AIDS can live bravely and positively. Alex Fong called on Hong Kong people to care more about AIDS issues, to prevent the spread of HIV in Hong Kong and to show their care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS.

The route of the AIDS Charity Walk loops around the Peak, in length of about 3.6 km. In order to make the Walk more memorable and enjoyable, there was a Mask Design Contest Award Ceremony, game booths and HIV education corners for participants to spend a joyful weekend.

All donations raised from the AIDS walk will be used solely to provide high quality direct patient care services to people who are living with HIV/AIDS in the community.

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