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Counseling Service

25 Connseling Services

The aim of the SAC counseling service is to provide remedial and protective service to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and their families in crisis. It also promotes healthy living style and positive mental health to the PLWHA with sexual problem. The service covers all geographical regions in Hong Kong.

In view of the diverse nature of our cases in terms of age, family background, health condition and nationality, the counseling service resolves to adopt a flexible approach to carry our work. The counseling intervention includes parent-child relationship, couples’ relationship, safer sex bargaining skill and emotional problem. The counseling services provided through this program are invaluable to those who have special needs.

All service recepients are referred by the clinics of Department of Health and other NGOs. Prior to the formal intake of new referred case, the case will be assessed by our professional service worker and followed by case meeting with supervisor and other service team members. In the beginning, most of the new clients are lack of confidence and have hesitation on sharing with our counselor. This situation is very common because of the clients’ poor self-perception and bad experiences in the past. Thus, careful monitoring is essential to minimise the negative feeling of clients. When the client builds up a mutual reliance with our counselor, treatment goal will be set.

Successful implementation of the service helps to alleviate pain, build up positive living and serving an important role of helping those cases with sexual problems to recognize the importance of safer sex in prevention of secondary infection of HIV/AIDS.