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SAC Day Centre


24 Day centre

The SAC Day Center is a multi-integrated day care centre for people living with HIV/ AIDS (PLWHA). It provides diverse therapeutic services conducted by professional staff to meet the different needs of PLWHA using multi-professional approach. The center serves as a path to full rehabilitation. For the past years, even though numerous efforts have been placed to promote acceptance of PLWHA in Hong Kong, the acceptance level remains low leading to much isolation and feel of being stigmatized for AIDS patients. The vivid discrimination leads to fear of disclosure of their HIV status and thus poses a lot of obstacles for them to receive mainstream social service in the community. The SAC centre provides a non-judgmental and supportive environment for members to participate in different recreational and therapeutic programs. Facilitation of peer support programs is especially vital as service recipients are more willing to share their feelings with their peers in the same situation more readily. SAC also takes an active role in improving their physical and psycho social well-being. Numerous targeted programs and goals set help PLWHA to prepare well before community reintegration.

Diverse targeted programs are implemented in the centre to meet the different needs. They are mainly divided into two streams – regular and special target programs. All of the members agreed that the center programs helped building up their social network. Regular and special target programs in centre aimed to improve their social network. The members showed good sense of belonging towards the centre and they were very keen to pick up different tasks especially in preparing and operating the programs in centre. They learned different skills during the process and built up their capacities. Their self esteem enhanced through helping other members. They were also more willing to outreach to the public and promote acceptance on AIDS issues.