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Empowerment Service

26 EmpowermentEmpowerment Mutual Help Service

It is an empowerment project to facilitate PLWHA to develop their potentials. The aim of this project is to encourage self-development; enhancement of social/communication skills and improvement of knowledge in HIV/AIDS. Participants will be trained to become volunteers. Through participation in various trainings at the SAC center and voluntary services provided to other PLWHA in the community, volunteers expressed their improvement in their perceived capabilities and self-esteem, which get them ready to go back to the community. The nature of the volunteering can be divided in different ability of the volunteers. The diversified services have been incorporated to make the empowerment service more comprehensive, and more people can contribute as volunteers to fulfill their vision in helping others. The service has gained good reputation among the service providers and recipients. Volunteers expressed that their self-esteem were enhanced and they have managed to develop better understanding of HIV/AIDS. The skills they gained from the program enabled them to recognize their limitations, hence preparing themselves to be more equipped for the future. All of the volunteers agreed that the empowerment project bring them more chances to help others and their lives had become more meaningful than before. Furthermore, they also felt that they had gained friendship and improved communication skills after attending the training sessions. The SAC center advocates the importance of the spirit of volunteering to serve the less privileged. Majority expressed that their self-esteem were enhanced and their thinking has becomes more positive after participation in the various volunteer activities.