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SAC 20th Anniversary “Giving Love Campaign” ‘MILK MILK’ Saving Bank

Have you ever thought how miserable it could be if one found herself being infected with HIV/AIDS during her pregnancy? Normally for a pregnant mum, it is a joyful experience to look forward to her a new page in life with her born baby. However, the sky falls on the mom if she were told she has AIDS. She is often left helpless and in despair and afraid to tell anyone of her predicament.

Fortunately as medicine advances, pregnant women infected with HIV can give birth to a HIV-free baby. The Society for AIDS Care (SAC) is currently the only organization in Hong Kong taking care of AIDS patients and providing “Mother-to-child Transmission (MTCT) Prevention” Intervention. When a woman is diagnosed HIV-positive during antenatal check up, she would be referred to SAC for follow-up. According to the latest report, the risk of HIV transmission from mother to child may be reduced from the highest rate of 40% to less than 2% if the mother and baby received antiretroviral therapy. For all cases handled by SAC, we have achieved a zero infection rate to date.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, a special SAC ‘MILK MILK’ Savings Bank was designed by a volunteer contemporary illustrator Dorophy Tang to collect your Love & Blessings and encourage the public to give their donation to our organization. The donations will support our focus program of “Mother-to-child Transmission Prevention” intervention, building a future of Zero Infection for the next generation.

To download the application form, please go to http://www.aidscare.com.hk/milk-milk-saving-bank/.


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