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LKF Carnival 2014

We are honoured to be chosen as the beneficiary organization of Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) Carnival 2014. A total of 4 booths were set up at the Carnival non 12-13 October (Saturday & Sunday), as well as 6-feet tall “MILK MILK” Saving Bank at the entrance of the Carnival to collect donation and blessing. Lan Kwai Fong Carnival 2014 is organized by Lan Kwai Fong Association. We ran 4 game booths are located at different corners at the Carnival with the help from over 70 volunteers coming from different sectors in the community. Volunteers at the face painting booth provided beautiful drawing for participants. Balloons, “MILK MILK” Saving Bank packs and selected masks from Mask Design Contest were given out to participants. Instant camera volunteer photographers were also recruited to help capture the moment at the Carnival for participants. Free condoms were given out to adults to promote safe sex. Game booths designed information about HIV/AIDS; participants can win prizes as well as to learn more about HIV/AIDS in the fun games, raising their AIDS awareness.

LKF Carnival DSC_0055 CKW_4923 CKW_4706 photo album

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