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Red! Yellow! Green! We Grow!

Red! Yellow! Green! We Grow! Adolescent-oriented Life Skill Education Program

The whole program consists of three units and will be taught by professional nurse with flexible teaching mode:

(1) Interactive workshop (1.5 hours, around 30 students)

(2) Seminar (around 2 hours)

School can choose to conduct Unit 3 only / whole program:

Unit 1 Your Thriving Growth

Explore physiological changes in puberty

Similarities and differences in gender perspectives

Impact of social culture

Build up self-confidence and living with society harmoniously

Unit 2 Always Listen. Always Understand

Personal feeling and communication techniques

Coping with stress and frustration

Body and verbal communication skills

Unit 3 The Key for Holistic Health

Deliver health knowledge

(Safer sex, prevention of HIV/AIDS/sexually transmitted diseases)

Self-awareness on boundary for sharing and confidentiality

Practice refusal skill and respectful manner

Free of charge, registration or enquiry: 2559-2006

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