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Placement for students

SAC has moved a big step forward in expanding the collaboration with the School of Public Affairs of Henan Normal University regarding the AIDS/HIV prevention work and counseling services targeting in providing service for the Henan AIDS Orphans. The collaboration was witnessed with a signing of a “Social Work Student Placement Training Program Agreement” in January 2011 in Henan. This program provides placement opportunities for the social work students in our Society. We believe such arrangement will broaden students better understanding the AIDS prevention work in Hong Kong as well as implementing counseling services for PLWHA and the affected population in different settings.

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Henan Province

Until 31st October 2011, Henan Province had observed approximately 51,956 people diagnosed with HIV-positive, which ranked as the 3rd in China, according to Wang Zhe, Deputy Director of Henan Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. Sex was the major route of HIV transmission in Henan, making up 54% of all cases reported. In these sexual transmitted cases, number of men who have sex with men (MSM) had increased remarkably.

Reference: Henan Daily (www.henan.gov.cn)