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SAC Health Talk Series 2023

With the sponsorships of Gilead Science and GlaxoSmithKline plc, a health talk was held in SAC Center on October 21 with the theme of " Multiple Perspectives on chronic comorbidities “. We are very honored to invite Dr. Grace Lui, Associate Professor from School of Medicine, CUHK as our guest speaker to explain the relationship between HIV treatment and comorbidities of HIV patients and recent research reports. In addition, Dr. Lui also introduced various electronic technologies including mobile apps, telemedicine and continuous glucose monitoring device, etc. which can more effectively control and manage our different comorbidities.

Together We Love – Mental Health Support Project (Peer Support Groups)

Supported by Mental Health Initiatives Funding Scheme under Health Bureau, “Together We Love – Mental Health Support Project” has been launched in May 2023. The project aims at enhancing the knowledge on mental health and motivation in help seeking for the elderly with HIV infection and their carers. One of the programs in the project is peer support group training. Professional social worker delivers training on self-awareness, emotion management and communication skills for people living with HIV and their carers. In addition to improving self-affirmation, participants can also build mutual trust through group sharing and establish peer support networks in the community.

SAC Health Talk Series 2023

With the sponsorships of Gilead Science, GlaxoSmithKline plc and Abbott Laboratories Limited, a health talk was organized in SAC Centre on July 22, with the theme "Know more on Liver and Kidney Health." We were honored to have Dr. Lily Cheng, council member of Hong Kong Society for HIV Medicine and specialist in infectious and communicable diseases, as our guest speaker. Dr. Cheng shared the information about the indicators of monitoring liver and kidney health, the methods of prevention and treatment of hepatitis, how to reverse fatty liver and detect the symptoms of liver and kidney disease. Dr. Cheng mentioned that maintaining a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet, moderate exercise, and reducing smoking and alcohol consumption, can help the liver and kidneys be healthy. Dr. Cheng emphasized that people who have been taking HIV treatment should not take proprietary and herbal drugs casually to avoid damage to liver and kidneys. If the liver and kidney function of PLHIV has already weakened with symptoms such as fever occur, they should seek medical advice as soon as possible to avoid health deterioration if symptoms such as fever occurs.

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