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Fabric mask for our members

In shadow of the coronavirus pandemic, the supply of epidemic prevention materials, especially surgical mask, is still scarce and expensive in the market. Given the urgent needs and tight supply, our team has sewn handmade reusable fabric masks at the office. Although these masks cannot replace surgical mask, they can be used as a contingency measure. The first batch has already been distributed among our patients and their care-givers.

SAC Food Bank

The epidemic situation of new coronavirus transmission persists, citizens need to keep on paying for anti-epidemic materials and they also face the situation of earning less or unemployment due to poor economic condition. Most of our members are grassroots or with poor physical conditions that made them difficult to find work. The existing environment puts heavy burden on them. Our food bank service provides food support including rice, oil, noodles, and canned food to members in need. We continue to seek resources and hope that interested people can donate anti-epidemic materials or other resources to SAC for supporting more PLHIV. Interested donor can contact Miss Leung at 2559 2006 or email to

Chinese New Year Celebration with Singleton Members and “Fei Chun” Day

The Year of Pig is about to pass. To celebrate the coming of the Year of Rat with blessing, SAC members joined together to prepare “Fei Chun” and made lanterns with red pockets. The meaningful “Fei Chun” and beautiful lanterns will also be sent to those members with difficulties coming to the centre by colleagues for sharing the hope of New Year. Singleton members also enjoyed the reunion gathering with SAC Centre for celebrating Chinese New Year. Let's welcome the New Year with hope and joy, and wish you all have peace in mind and body in the Year of Rat!

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