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“Love Life; Share Love” Project – Nagomi Pastel Art Workshop

From June to July 2021, SAC Center has launched the "Love Life; Share Love" Project. Professional instructor facilitates our members to create Nagomi pastel art pieces. In addition to learning painting skills, it is far more important for members to discover their personal creativity and review their inner feelings through paintings. Also, members learn to appreciate themselves and others through sharing of artworks. We expect members will share love and hope with others through Nagomi pastel artworks.

Physiotherapy exercise group – Strengthening with Theraband

Various ways to use exercise band to train different/target muscle groups were taught with the right technique and practiced as strengthening exercises. Members engaged and enjoyed the activity; positive peer interaction was also observed during the process. Warm up and stretching exercises were incorporate into the sessions, to maintain flexibility of limbs and trunk.

SAC Health Talk Series

At present, antiretroviral therapy is effective in controlling an HIV infection. If the amount of virus in blood is undetectable for at least 6 months, it also means that it is not contagious through sexual contact (Undetectable = Untransmittable; U=U). With the sponsorships of Gilead Science and GlaxoSmithKline plc, we are honored to invite Dr. Alfred Sit from Public Health Services Branch of the Department of Health to share the importance of drug adherence on HIV treatment. In addition to being U=U, it also enhances personal immunity and reduces the chance of progressing to AIDS. Dr. Sit also introduced a variety of cancers that are common in middle-aged and elderly with HIV, most of which are related to smoking, unbalanced diet and living habits. Members were encouraged to pay more attention on their personal health and regular physical examinations can help avoid serious complications.

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