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Birthday Party (October to December)

A birthday party celebrating SAC members’ birthday between October and December was held on 19 October. During the autumn days, members took the opportunity to gather together and shared their latest news. This time, we have specially prepared Chinese birthday food including Shou Tao and Red Egg to share warmth and love with each other.

Health Talk on Protection of Liver and Kidney Function

People living with HIV (PLHIV) need to continue taking multiple drugs to control the virus. In addition to the adherence to treatment, at the same time, they need to actively take care of liver and kidney function which may be affected by the side effect of the long-term treatment. The Society for AIDS Care is pleased to invite Dr Jacky Chan, Associate Consultant from Princess Margaret Hospital, to introduce the latest medical treatments for HIV infection to our members on 19 October. He also explained the common side effects of drug treatment including drug metabolism influence on liver and kidney function. Moreover, people who suffer from high blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol level will have irreversible effects on their kidney function. Dr Chan pointed out that it is important to prevent being infected by hepatitis and having fatty liver. Also, he emphasized weight control by taking healthy diet and continuous exercise can help the reverse of fatty liver. He answered members’ enquiries on the examination and health care on liver and kidney function in detail. Through this talk, we expect to encourage our members to keep on healthy living to protect their liver and kidney function from being affected by long term treatment side effects.

Mindfulness-based Mental Health Supportive Program for People Living with HIV (PLHIV)

The Society for AIDS Care has been funded by The Community Chest for a 3-year “Mindfulness-based Mental Health Supportive Program for People Living with HIV (PLHIV)”. The Program has been launched since August 2019 and it aims at using Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Approach and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy to provide outreach and centre-based counseling support, training workshops and day centre support service for people living with HIV(PLHIV) and care-givers who are isolated or depressed. Through the counseling service and therapeutic activities, PLHIV and care-givers are encouraged to explore their own internal resources and capabilities to enhance their ability in facing stress and alleviating mental distress, to develop peer support networks and strengthen their confidence in treatment adherence and integrating into the community. (This program is sponsored by The Community Chest of Hong Kong.)

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