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From Death to Life – Life Ambassador Project

With the advancement in the treatment for HIV, the life expectancy of people living with HIV (PLHIV) has been prolonged and the number of aging PLHIV is also rising. Separation and death are inevitable in our lives. PLHIV are often unable to seek assistance from social resources because of their personal infection status and fear of being discriminated in the community. In particular, they or their care-givers will have difficulties and worries in funeral arrangement related to the issue of infectious condition. As sponsored by Apple Daily Charitable Foundation, ‘From Death to Life – Life Ambassador Project’ has been organized with a series talks, workshops and visits for our members to learn more about hospice and funeral services, preparing their own plans as well as consolidating the importance and good moments in their lives. The project was launched in January 2019. We were very honored to have Mr Lok Chung, the in charge of Peace of Mind Funeral Services, to introduce the culture and service of funeral arrangement in the first talk. Mr. Chung shared information on funeral rituals related to Chinese culture, funeral arrangement and green funeral service. Members were very enthusiastic about asking questions, sharing their experience and feelings related to death of relatives and friends, and their expectation on their own funeral arrangement.

Birthday Party (Jan to Mar)

Spring comes, slightly cool and warm, it is a good day to reunite with friends. SAC Center also filled with joyful atmosphere. More than 20 members gathered together for celebrating the joy with members born between January and March. They participated in games, shared snacks and chit chat happily for a wonderful weekend.

A Taste of Mindfulness

Studies have shown that mindfulness can help people to relax and improve sleep quality. It can also help reduce negative emotions, anxiety and symptoms of depression. People living with HIV are often prone to anxiety and depression because of worrying their own physical condition and fear of being discriminated by society. On 23 February, SAC Centre organized a workshop introducing mindfulness and practising the techniques together. In the workshop, through breathing practice, members learnt to observe the changes in the body, emotions and thoughts at that moment and experience the benefits of mindfulness. Now, SAC Centre conducts a mindfulness learning group every week for members to participate in various exercises and sharing experiences, so as to cultivate the habit of continuous practicing mindfulness and integrate it into life.

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