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SAC Movie Screening and Sharing

Different types of movies carry different kinds of meanings and inspirations. We believe watching movies is not only an entertainment, but a way to improve quality of life. Therefore, we are now holding a “Movie Screening and Sharing” session once every two weeks for our members, which provides them a platform to relax and reflect. Movies carry various knowledge and trivia that give us uncommon yet interesting topics during social occasions. Besides, scenes that echoes real-life situations can raise our members’ attention towards their inner voice and overlooked needs. Most importantly, movies allow our members to release from pressures and anxieties. They would surely be cheered up to face challenges after getting relief and support from watching movies.

Friday Sport Gathering

Through the weekly sport gathering activities, regular exercises and interaction among staff and our clients can be achieved. Active participation on ping pong, novuss and Wii-sport can challenge or help maintain our hand-eye coordination and reaction time of limbs.

Core muscles strengthening exercises

As a continuation of the “Introduction to core muscles and relevant exercise training” health talk in May, a series of in-depth exercise classes have commenced. First, we arrange core muscles training groups for our members. Participants are divided into different groups according to their needs, specific health advices and exercises can be delivered effectively.

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