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Health Talk and Birthday Party (July to September)

High blood sugar, high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure (Three Highs) are the common problems faced by most urbanites nowadays. Together with the aging population, “Three Highs” has now become a common chronic illness. With the advancement of HIV treatment, the number of elderly infected people has increased. Due to personal infection status, life status, life styles and eating habits, it is also common for people living with HIV have “Three Highs”. On 20 July 2019, we were honored to invite the registered dietitian from Mannings to share diet tips on ‘Three Highs” with our members and discuss with them about their doubts on the topic. Through this health talk, SAC hopes to encourage members to pay attention to personal health and live a happy life. A birthday party was also held at SAC center to celebrate the birthday stars between July and September. In addition to participating in games and sharing snacks at the birthday party, it is more important to have a good opportunity for the members to gather together and care each other.

Volunteer sharing session

SAC Centre aims to enhance patient member’s living skills through various training and volunteers services and further develop mutual support network through helping each other in the community. In order to encourage more patient members to participate in the volunteers programme, our social worker specifically designs training sessions and an evaluation mechanism to assess their performance. In the volunteering sharing session on 17 July, our patient members shared their experiences and expressed that they can contribute their talents to center and community through participating diversified volunteer services. Certificates of excellence were given out as an appreciation for their efforts and we had a discussion on the future development of volunteer service.

From Death to Life- Life Ambassador Project

As sponsored by Apple Daily Charitable Foundation, ‘From Death to Life- Life Ambassador Project’ has been launched from January 2019 with a series talks, workshops and visits for our members to learn more about hospice and funeral services, preparing their own plans as well as consolidating the importance and good moments in their lives. On 29 June 2019, we were pleased to invite Mr. Pasu Ng to share his experience in life and death education. Mr. Ng is the caretaker of “Silent Teachers” Program and the dissecting laboratory manager in the Faculty of Medicine in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Mr. Ng shared with our members the current arrangements for setting up advance directives in Hong Kong and some special burying forms in local and foreign cities, such as tree burials. SAC members showed interest and learnt a lot in the talk.

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