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Birthday Party (April to June)

A birthday party celebrating SAC members’ birthday between April and June was held on 5 May. Regardless of whether they are friends on the birthday of the month or not, everyone engage actively in games and tea together as well as sending greetings to each other. We wish everyone is happy and healthy all the time.

SAC Health Talk Series

Sponsored by DCH Auriga, the 2nd health talk topic was ''The Advanced Development of HIV Treatment”. We are honored to invite Dr. Heather To from Special Preventive Programme, Department of Health, be our guest speaker. Dr To mentioned the local medical community has recently conducted the latest research on medication for eradication of HIV. It is still at an initial stage and further research and clinical trials are still required. It is believed that there will be progress in future. Members were encouraged to continue taking medicine and keep their bodies healthy. Dr. To also answered about the treatment-related issues including body fat transfer, the relationship between the infected person’s fragile body and cancer, and the reasons for the persistently low level of CD4 after regular medication. Members actively asked questions and they learnt more about it.

"I Paint My Circle Circle Painting Experimental Workshop

Sponsored by M‧A‧C AIDS Fund, it has started on 26th April. Everyone was absorbed in tutors’ briefing and dedicated to their creation. The process was full of laughing and happiness. Members besides created their own art piece, they learnt to appreciate and support each other. By assembling each person's creativity, members completed marvellous collective creation. Members without experience in painting stated that they had never thought that they could create their own works with simple dots, lines and circular patterns. Everyone is capable of becoming a circle painter.

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