School Program - Mask Design Contest

The first contest was organized in 2011. Mask is used as a symbol of identity protection for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) due to the fear of discrimination. Students and public participants are invited to learn more about HIV/AIDS and the challenges PLHIV faced through creating masks, thus to eliminate misconceptions and discrimination.

The masks collected are given to participants of AIDS Walk and other public education events, to encourage them to experience the stress caused by invisible masks of PLHIV.



Mask Design Contest

List of Winners of Mask Design Contest 2023-2024
Secondary School Division:
Champion: Chan Wai Tung, Hon Wah College

1st Runner-Up: LAM WING MAN, Semple Memorial Secondary School

2nd Runner-up: Cheung Lok Yau Yoyo, Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School

Outstanding Award:
Choi Tsz Long, Chang Pui Chung Memorial School

CHUN MAN YU, Jockey Club Man Kwan Eduyoung College

Xu Lam, St. Francis of Assisi's College

Facebook Most Popular Award: Tsang Yuk Man, Po Leung Kuk Law's Foundation School

Most Active Participating School Award: St. Teresa Secondary School

Public Division:
Champion: Chan Suet Kan

1st Runner-up: Xie Kai Wing

2nd Runner-up: Di Jamie

Outstanding Award:
Zhang Yu Tao

Ng Hoi Yan

Ng Ka Yiu

Facebook Most Popular Award: 黄志勤


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School Program - Life Skill Education

Red! Yellow! Green! We Grow! Adolescent-oriented Life Skill Education Program

The whole program consists of three units and will be taught by professional nurse with flexible teaching mode:

1. Interactive workshop (1.5 hours, around 30 students)
2. Seminar (around 2 hours)
School can choose Unit 3 only / the whole program.

Unit 1 Your Thriving Growth
Explore physiological changes in puberty
Similarities and differences in gender perspectives
Impact of social culture
Build up self-confidence and living with society harmoniously

Unit 2 Always Listen. Always Understand
Personal feeling and communication techniques
Coping with stress and frustration
Body and verbal communication skills

Unit 3 The Key for Holistic Health
Deliver health knowledge (Safer sex, prevention of HIV/AIDS/sexually transmitted diseases)
Self-awareness on boundary for sharing and confidentiality
Practice refusal skill and respectful manner


Registration or enquiry: 2559-2006

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Cambodia Project

Cambodia collaboration

The Society for AIDS Care (SAC) provides high quality direct patient care services to HIV+ and their care-givers in Hong Kong; we also provide supporting services in developing country. SAC have commenced a year-long joint school program, “Love with Care School Project”, with KHEMARA Cambodia, with the aim to empower high school students in sexual reproduction health education and HIV prevention.

Visit poor families in neighbourhood

Through working with the organisation, we were able to visit some local families in need of urgent assistance in food support. Some of the families we visited are homeless and their health conditions are very poorly. We provided a sack of rice and small sum of cash for them and hope that it will at least able to help them tide over the current hard moment.

Handmade Souvenirs Project

Providing skilled training sessions for their youth to handmade souvenirs for sales to support their programs. To make their souvenirs more interesting, SAC jointly developed some handmade toy bears keychain to put on sales in different marketing channels. And we hope the sales proceeds will be able to assist them to continue their program and community development.

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Asia Pacific AIDS and Co-infections Conference (APACC)

Asia Pacific AIDS and Co-infections Conference (APACC)

The 9th Asia Pacific Conference on AIDS and Co-infections will be held on 27-29 June this year at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. The conference will feature healthcare professionals from the region to share, showcase and exchange their research findings, and by doing this, stimulate and strengthen the HIV/AIDS research in the Asian Pacific region.


Education Talk, Public Education & Program

Public training and education in HIV/AIDS are among our key objectives to raise public awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention and acceptance to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV). We regularly organize education exhibition in different districts in Hong Kong. Our SAC Ambassadors, volunteers and staff would introduce our services, promote understanding on HIV/AIDS, distribute red ribbons and leaflets, as well as answer enquiries regarding HIV/AIDS.

Education Talk

Our professional nurses and social workers would provide training on HIV/AIDS prevention and knowledge to healthcare professionals and related parties working in non-government organizations or hospitals, as well as organizing talks at schools and youth centers.

To empower teenagers to understand HIV/AIDS knowledge and have safer sex practice, as well as eliminate discrimination towards PLHIV, we have implemented education program, which drew attention from schools and youth centers.

The interactive program is conducted by trained and experienced staff, including games, role plays, group discussion, condom demonstration, etc.

Enquiries and registration: 2559-2006

“Know More about AIDS” Mobile Application

By using this mobile application, we hope to invite the public to learn more about HIV/AIDS, as well as the challenges people living with HIV/AIDS faced, in order to eliminate misconceptions and discrimination. (*The mobile application is only available in Chinese version.)

Announcements in Public Interests

Our brand new TV Announcements in the Public Interest (API) started broadcasting at different TV channels on 28 November 2019. With the messages on HIV Undetectable viral load are Untransmittable (U=U) and our mother-to-child transmission prevention program, this creative animation aims to appeal for all to understand that PLHIV should seek proper treatment without fear of discrimination or being turned away due to their HIV status. 

“Say No to Discrimination!” Masks Exhibition

Exhibitions will be held in different shopping malls and schools to display the outstanding masks designed and handmade by local secondary school students and public who participated in the “Say No to Discrimination!” Mask Design Contest. The masks carried the messages of encouraging public to reconsider HIV/AIDS discrimination and give a hand to PLHIV.

Through showcasing the thoughts of younger generation on the issue of discrimination towards PLHIV, we hope to fight against stigma and discrimination together with the general public.

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HK-China Exchange and Training Program

HK-China Training Program

The HK-China AIDS Training Program has commenced since 2006, with the aims of promoting good practice in HIV/AIDS care and prevention work, strengthening and encouraging better collaboration in fighting against HIV/AIDS between Hong Kong and China. Different training programs, from theoretical teaching to practical experience, were designed for professionals who are working in the HIV/AIDS field in Mainland China.

Guangxi Family Trip

Our representatives went to the GuangXi Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) in Mar 2015 and attended a sharing meeting with local HIV/AIDS expertise, finding that more than 500 of AIDS children live far away in GuangXi province and therefore they and their care-givers lack of understanding in HIV/AIDS and supports. CDC and SAC jointly organized a GuangXi Family Trip for 60 children and their families in Bama to improve their mutual understanding, as well as strengthen peer supports to relieve their burden.

Henan Province Professional Exchanges

A professional exchange visit to Henan was organized since 2012 to meet with HIV specialist and front line doctors for exchanges and sharing HIV/AIDS situations and related work in HIV prevention and treatment in Hong Kong and Mainland.

In 2016, a meeting with the healthcare professionals including Secretary Ms. Ma Shuhuan, Doctor Zhao Qingxia, and Doctor Sun Yan from the Sixth Civil Hospital of Zhengzhou City was held to introduce the service and development of the hospital. A visit to the Zhengzhou University School of Public Management was also arranged for the first time to discuss about future collaboration.

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HK-China Social Work Student Placement Training Program


The program was launched in 2011 in collaboration with the School of Public Affairs of Henan Normal University. This program provides placement opportunities for the social work students in SAC to enhance their understanding on HIV/AIDS prevention work in Hong Kong and counseling services for PLHIV.

The students have to attend intensive trainings from our social worker tutors, learning new skills through role play, organizing and implementing targeted activities at Day Center. After the training, they act as trainers to organize talk and events at the University and provide professional services to AIDS orphans and affected children in Henan. There are 34 students successfully completed the training program since 2011.

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RTHK's Community Involvement Broadcasting Service

We have been granted funds to produce a radio program (in Cantonese) via the pilot project of “Community Involvement Broadcasting Service” of Radio Television Hong Kong. Our program “Know More about AIDS” is produced to clarify common misconceptions and to raise AIDS awareness in the community.

Through stories from various infected patients, audiences could have a better understanding towards AIDS which is no longer the “death pyramid” in the 1980s. Prevent HIV and safeguard yourself as well as your family, let us take action to build a zero infection future.

The program is in Cantonese. If you wish to listen, please visit:

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