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Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: The Walk for Progress in the Fight Against AIDS
Empowering Communities to Say No to Discrimination!

1 March 2024

In support of the ongoing journey towards progress in the fight against AIDS, the Society for AIDS Care (SAC) orchestrated the annual AIDS Charity Walk with the theme of “Say No to Discrimination!”. This event aims to raise HIV/AIDS awareness and foster engagement in HIV prevention efforts, advocating for individuals to undergo HIV testing, understand their status, and access essential care and treatment. Embracing a virtual format to allow flexibility and personal choices, the walk remains a beacon of unity and resilience. Throughout the month of February, all participants joined together to appeal for all sectors of the public to be aware that people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) should seek proper treatment without fear of discrimination or being turned away due to their HIV status. Together, we make a difference.


In response to the evolving landscape shaped by the pandemic and the shifting preferences of participants, the traditional format of the annual walk has undergone a transformation. What was once a one-day physical event at the Peak, Hong Kong has evolved into a month-long virtual experience. Participants, ranging from corporates and families to students and individuals, embraced the opportunity to design and complete their routes remotely and creatively, within their own schedules, throughout the event period. The culmination occurred on Sunday, 3 March 2024 with a virtual announcement broadcasted across SAC’s social media channels. The fundraising link ( remains active until 31 March. Proceeds raised through the walk will go to support SAC’s programs and services to provide high-quality direct patient care services to PLHIV, including drug supervision, therapeutic counseling, psychological support, physiotherapy, physical training, peer support, public education, and volunteer training.

"We are profoundly grateful for the unwavering commitment of our corporate sponsors, supporting organizations, individual donors, students, and esteemed VIP guests to our AIDS Charity Walk," said by Ms. Nichole Garnaut, Chairperson of SAC. "Over the past two decades, the walk has served as a beacon of unity, inspiring countless individuals worldwide and fostering a culture of understanding and acceptance in the fight against AIDS."

“It has been truly heartening to witness participants embracing creativity and innovation to raise funds for our organization during these challenging times. Though we may walk separately, our collective efforts make a tangible difference in our shared mission," Ms. Nichole Garnaut continued, "I extend my deepest appreciation to our walk sponsors and supporting organizations, including Cassian Lau, Gilead Sciences, Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited, OKAMOTO, Sim’s Sweet, Simple Approach, SparkRaise, The Upper House. I am immensely proud and grateful for the dedication of every participant, donor, supporter, and staff member who contributed to the resounding success of this event. It is through their unwavering support that we can continue our fight against this devastating illness and raise awareness to prevent the spread of the AIDS epidemic."

“In light of the changing dynamics influenced by the pandemic and the evolving preferences of participants, the traditional structure of the annual walk has been revamped,” stated Ms. Alice Chan, CEO of SAC. “Empowering innovation and flexibility, we have embraced this transformation as an opportunity to further engage our community and amplify our impact in the fight against AIDS.”


According to statistics by the Department of Health, there were 113 cases of new infections in third quarter of 2023, accumulating to a total of 11,943 cases since 1984. Nearly 80% of the cases acquired the infections via sexual contact. Most patients under SAC’s care suffer HIV infection were unknowing of its cause at the time. Some of these cases include mother-to-child transmission, spouses infecting each other and tainted blood transfusion. “At SAC, we continue to provide free HIV and syphilis testing with professional counselling to women in need. If someone is suspicious of one’s own HIV infection, conventional test taking blood from vein or rapid HIV antibody test can help to do the screening. However, as there is a need for the people to go for testing in person, some people are reluctant to participate in the testing as they avoid facing the testing staff,” Ms. Alice Chan elucidated. “Therefore, we launched a HIV self-testing program using non-invasive oral swab aims to improve the awareness of HIV testing. We hope these initiatives can compensate for testing and diagnoses missed during the pandemic and to accelerate the mission to end the AIDS epidemic. Through this program, we hope to promote the importance of early testing, early treatment.”


Media Enquiry:
Senior Fundraising & Communications Manager, Ms. Yan Lee
Telephone: 2559 2006 / Email:
HIV Self-testing Kit Purchase:


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