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SAC Health Talk Series 2022

With the sponsorships of Gilead Science and GlaxoSmithKline plc, a health talk about long COVID with the theme of "Chronic Illness and Long COVID" was held at SAC Center on 22 October. We are very honored to invite Dr. Grace Lui, Honorary Associate Professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as our guest speaker to explain the definition and symptoms of long COVID, the condition and treatment for people living with HIV and the general public. In addition, Dr Lui also shared about sarcopenia and taught the members about diet and exercise guidelines for the prevention of sarcopenia.

Health Talk - Understanding neurological diseases and cognitive impairment

The health talk related to cognitive impairment was held at SAC Centre on 24 Sep and the topic was “Understanding neurological diseases and cognitive impairment”. We are honored to invite Dr Barry Tam, clinical psychologist from PMH as guest speaker, to explain the research on cognitive impairment caused by HIV, different stage situation and intervention recommendation. He suggested for early intervention by prescribing appropriate antiretroviral therapy, increasing cardiopulmonary exercise and cognitive stimulation therapy for improvement.

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival celebration of SAC Center was held on 27 August with the theme of “Walk together with love and energy”. Due to the extent of the social distancing, around 40 members joined the event. They gathered to participate in the guessing riddles and game booths arranged by volunteers. Members also enjoyed the games and lucky draws. And for those who could not attend the celebration in persons, to share the joy of the festival, mooncakes and gifts were delivered to their homes. We would like to give a big applause to all sponsors and our private donor for the generous donation of mooncakes, gifts and epidemic prevention goods to support our activity.

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